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Manty SA offers innovative solutions in the areas of marketing, processing and distribution of food and non-food products to our African-based partners in the industry, food and agriculture sectors. We have a diversified portfolio of products from the four corners of the world.

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we do

We start with originating and sourcing a wide range of goods and commodities and end with distribution and retail, handling everything in between.

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To empower the African business community with a platform of R&D, know-how and finance.

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We are engaged in helping to connect African countries through food supply, by giving them access to high-quality food products at affordable prices, in the most efficient way possible and always with a high sense of social responsibility.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do, guiding the way we work as a company.


We do not believe in extravagance and waste and that is why we operate in the most economical way possible.

Commitment with the client

Our attention is directed to the needs and expectations of our clients/consumers, which are our reason for being.


We believe in the potential and continue to value the human being, in and outside the organization.


Maurice Taylor

Managing Director

Raul Mendiola


Barbara Polzot

Head of Finance

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